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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Johnny at FilmDrunk!

By Johnny Lager
I reviewed Wahlburgers in Hingham MA, on assignment for Filmdrunk.com and I peppered it with references to Mark Walberg movies because I got a no-homo wicked hahd-on fah Mark Walberg. And Donny. And Pauly.

FilmDrunk is one of my favorite sites and a daily read, and you should all visit it constantly.

Check below, for a few bonus photos.


I don't know why I look like an
undercover Irish stereotype.

"Wahlbrewski." is brewed by local favorite,
 Harpoon, so I call it a "Wahlpoon." Cuz I'm a child. 
It's a bit sweet and light on hops for an IPA, with a thin, 
soapy note. But, like Marky and Donny,
this Wahlpoon was a lady-pleaser. The chicks dug it. 

A genuine smile from a genuine dude!
Head Chef Paul(y) Wahlberg.
The T-Shirt is from FilmDrunk. Go get you one.
A very cool retro look.
Them Sweet Potato tater tots was good!

This is an honest to gosh burger. Very tasty.


  1. Sir, Just saw your work on filmdrunk, funny stuff! I than scrolled down and saw you writing about some 16 year old single malt scotch, so I definitely will be reading the shit out of his blog. Anyone who writes funny shit and writes about scotch is okay in my book.

  2. Thanks Danny! The Lagavulin 16 article was written by Brew Radley, another fun writer:

    Our cast of regulars also gang-reviewed Laphroaig 10 yr:

    If you have any requests fro reviews, lemme know!

  3. oh man.. this is great--

    "My attempts to be a smartass, asking for things like a Marky Wahlbanger (which I imagined as 6 parts fresh orange juice, 3 parts Vodka and 1 part Courvoisier), were met with a breezy earnestness that made it not fun, so I stopped."

    ha ha ha.. nice show, Johnny Lags

  4. I think you just imagined a badass beverage, my friend.