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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back in Action!

By Johnny Lager
It's been a while since we tête-à-tête'd. Our hiatus was intentional and executed exactly to plan. Sorta. The changes I hoped to make immediate upon our return, will be slowly rolled out instead.

We will (eventually) have more guest writers and featured collumns. I'm very excited about one of them in particular, but I'm not at liberty to discuss that at the moment.

We will (eventually) have a Wine Section, focusing more on the wine itself than on arbitrary descriptors of "how good it was." Ahem. Does anybody want to write about wine with us?

There will (eventually) be a brief weekly podcast featuring a spirit and or cocktail. Maybe video, but, maybe not.

The site will (eventually) be better organized. I accept polite suggestions.

We will  (eventually) have a forum. You guys don't comment much, but it doesn't mean you don't deserve a forum to discuss quality booze.

I am going broke buying booze, so there will (eventually) be ads, but for the moment I can't figure them out. Ahem. Does anybody want to give me a hand with ads?

Heads-up for this Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday(?), when I will be reviewing Wahlburgers in Hingham MA for  a top secret reason. But partially because they have a bar, and I'll be in the neighborhood.


  1. Nice write-up Johnny LAWGAH!

    a fellow "drunkard"

  2. Thanks, Clusterfunk! Hope to see you around here more. I'm sure Ill see you at FilmDrunk!