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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Evan Williams Bourbon Whiskey

By Big Sauce
The hour is ripe to discuss a longtime amigo of mine, Mister Evan Williams. Evan's popular, inexpensive, and surprisingly palatable bourbon nearly always occupies a space on my shelf. It is my go-to cheap booze, and is most frequently enjoyed in a highball of 1 part Evan to 2 parts ginger ale, over ice. A year-around treat! The ginger spices up the winter blues, and refreshes in the July heat. One may enjoy Evan on the rocks or neat, but drinkers with discerning tongues may find its bite unaccompanied by much complexity, and made strange by a very quiet sweetness. But for our hard earned dollar, these slight blemishes are swiftly forgotten. Pretty. Damn. Good:

Lastly, Clash Glasses and I recently embarked on a blind taste test comparison between the heroic Evan Williams Bourbon, and a whiskey of unknown origin that had been stored in an empty diet tonic water bottle for some months. It was believed and generally accepted that the mystery booze was indeed also none other than our heroic Evan Williams. Clash's sampling and comparison concluded that, if the whiskeys were identical, the extra aging in the plastic tonic bottle added a roundness that had seemed absent from the proper bottled booze. I found no difference. Word to your moms.


1/31 edit: The results of Clash's comparison of the two whiskeys are stated in reverse. It was actually the proper bottle of E.W. that yielded such roundness. Go figure!


  1. It seems as though you are hinting at an E.W. cult following.

  2. I am intrigued by this experiment-- you're no doubt familiar with the McCallan 15 Polar Plastic Bottle offering-- incidentally barely outsold by the Sherry Oak 18

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  4. Love E Dub. The reason you should never buy Jack or Jim.

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