Our mission: to help in the transition from drinker of quantity to drinker of quality. Along the way, we'll have some laughs, or someone's catching heck. Prolly me.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Dr. Radio Show is a Live Show Now!

Dr. Radio Show is now a weekly live show at Dig Radio Boston! Monday, 2-4 PM.

Listen on iTunes, TuneIn or in your browser, HERE!

Described as a "Drunken NPR," we touch on such pertinent topics as bar etiquette, romance, and pooping in tires; we interview luminaries including publishers, restaurateurs, and our moms; we continue to share traditional and modern cocktails with you, as we get drunk and start to yell at each other. Skits, Rock and Roll, and a mess of other poop, too.

We'll see you there.

As always, Listen Up, and Stay Classy!

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